Saturday, May 27, 2017


 Hey Everyone,

It's not that loving Navy Blue is anything's just that it never stops being beautiful!
This home will boast tons of blue, in many shades and in as many ways as I can use it. Kitchen, Living Room, Bedrooms and Bath - the master in particular...just a serene and beautiful way to go to sleep and wake up.  

Navy Blue pairs well with every color and it never tires the eye.  It is classic enough to be lavish and calm enough to be casual.  To me perfection,.... I have been using it for years...see no reason to stop now :)

Keeping it simple I went to 3 of my easy to find "go to" vendors and chose many items that I would love to see here....


C&B has tons of Blue and White accents available. 
 This mixing bowl looks like a fun addition to my kitchen 
and it comes with personal sizes as well.

Love this Blue and White mixing bowl $19.99 
(obviously just a start in the kitchen...but a good start ;)...)

What Is Often Withheld Can Be Found $1,900.00
Art is a personal choice, this piece I love

Adalynn Vase $29.99

Renny Blue Vases $59.00 - 79.00

These vases have an interesting texture and can accessorize
 well with all of your other blue and whites


While WS is known for their classic blue and white vases...
I wanted to show something special.  
Aerin Lauder has brought her lovely style to WS,
Much to see...

Indigo Reactive Glass Vases $125.00 - 150.00

Ginger Jar Gold Detail $150.00

Aerin Ginger Jar Champagne Bucket $159.95

Blue Abstract Series $150.00 - 900.00 for all 6
(I see these running down a hallway)

Scottie Hile: Paint Swirl Print $999.00

Ok, so I went a little nuts with this one but it's so my vibe.
Just says - Come in...Hang out...No rush...

Sydney Beach Towel $78.00

Jute Border Rug $48.00 - 998.00

French Tassel Shower Curtain $78.00

Chevron Riviera Counter Stool $328.00
(Have them now myself and love them)

Riviera Bicycle Basket $98.00
(who doesn't want this!)


Lacquered Rattan Tray $78.00 -98.00

Inlaid Bone Table Lamp $648.00

Lila Table Lamp $468.00

Darby Table Lamp $398.00

 Just Pick One!!! You wont be pretty!

Larchmont Dining Chair $698.00
A little bit of a hefty price for one chair that will need a cushion 
if you have a man in your house. 
 They love comfort...but still a looker of a chair.

Cortina Wallpaper $98.00
(there is a complete line of products in this design,
 I love them all but wouldn't use them together...too matchy, matchy :-] )

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Hi Everyone,

 So we have an idea of what kinds of Kitchen Cabinets are available, no final choices made there yet...but what about backsplash and counter tops.  Quartz has come a long long way and in my mind surpassed many other options.  Their version of a veined granite or marble is not 100% spot on but the sheer fact that it is maintenance free is a total plus.

While I know it makes more sense to choose our countertops first, I got so excited looking at these backsplashes that I just have to share them with you!

Painted concrete tiles, 
You must seal them properly
Magnolia Market

 Marble chiclet tiles, when you look at the 
sample they almost seem too much.  But up on the wall....AMAZING!!!

This marble mosaic is just stunning!

 Herringbone marble is such a beautifully understated look, 
once again you think it might be overpowering 
or even dizzying but up it is just delicious.

This blue and white marble basketweave is a 
big favorite of mine.  A very clean design
Esplanade Winter Lake
Marble Tile/

Light Blue Glass
While I admit to loving them all....
I think this one for me 
is a winner!!!
I encompasses the best of both worlds.
A classic design with a current flair.
Canaan Tiles

KITCHENS - Where everyone wants to hang out ......

 Hey Everyone,

Lets think about kitchens today,  we have been entrenched in white kitchens for some time now and I do admit that I love a well done white kitchen.  It gives you great flexibility to change your aesthetic as often as you like. 

 But although there is an overwhelming allure to this flexibility, I am thinking I might go a different direction.  We are starting to see some blue/grays and really calming greens emerge and it's having a wonderful reception.  The basic grey's are still around, beautiful as ever and I have to say I love the black as well.  Although for me, I see it more for a bar area than an entire kitchen.  

Regardless of your taste, you truly can't go wrong with any the above mentioned colors.  All are stunning in the end.

Here are some photos to get you thinking....psst..I am leaning towards the blue - so peaceful... ;)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


 Hi All,
     Some time ago I took a couple of Ikea Rattan chairs that maybe I paid $120 a piece for and decided to paint them.  They came out so adorable, bought pillows to match from Pottery Barn and I got a custom look that I loved.  Since then Ikea has added a few more Rattan chairs to their inventory that I think can be incorporated into many of our relaxed beachy designs.  Take a peek!!!


My little project, stored for the winter



So Good Looking :)

With a great China Seas Fabric!

Monday, May 1, 2017


Hey Everyone,

I know I just posted on Williamsburg.....but I couldn't let it go without mentioning the amazing lunch we enjoyed.


WHISK - Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Hey Everyone,

My sister Donna and I took a quick trip into Williamsburg, Brooklyn this weekend.  What once used to be a place to avoid has blossomed into a trendy beautiful shopping district with the most amazing small shops and quaint restaurants.  This weekend we decided to visit Whisk, the coolest kitchen store around.  All of those little things you didn't know you needed you suddenly can't live without.   I can't say enough about the neighborhood or the shopping.

Here we are, shopping buddies