Friday, July 31, 2015

Red Delicious

Hey Everyone,

Hope all is well with anyone who takes the time to read my blog.  It has been a while and I apologize once again for that. 

So... I am in the middle of a large redesign and it got me to thinking of all of the influences that guide my likes and dislikes.  Obviously my time working for Meg Braff has been a huge influence on me, some of my designs styles I had developed way before ever hearing her name - which is what drew me to her.  I think the depth of exposure has been the largest benefit, she is amazing.  Along the way I have developed my style, which is a compilation of Meg, Miles Redd, Jamie Drake, Brian McCarthy and countless others.  I see myself in so many designs that I cannot tell if I thought of it or saw it and stored it in my head.  They are of course the masters.  I know you all know what I mean! LOL!!!


Red is as bold a color as any, and I love it!  I love all versions of it, coral, pink, burgundy.....
Here are some of the design elements that are tried and true and will be relevant today, tomorrow, and for many tomorrows to come.

 Worlds Away - Helen Gred Console

Meg Braff Designs - Roxy - Red on White
Used this in my powder room in apple green
 - everyone comes out smiling - they love it!

 Meg Braff Designs - Brighton Your Pavilion - Sage on Persimmon

 Hwang Bishop - KOI Lamp -
 I always push these lamps because for the $ they are so worth it!!!
Hwang Bishop - Empress
 I had to include this one as well, just beautiful.

 Brunschwig & Fils - Bamboo Trellis - Red  (Once saw a complete set of draperies in this fabric and it was a show stopper)

 Quadrille - Les Indiennes Multi Colors - Red/Blue/Olive/Green
This fabric has been haunting me for years, you cannot find it in stock and can only be ordered in 5yds and more :-/

Here's a little Redd on red! Fabulous!!!

Mary McDonald shining bright!!!