Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mario and Brian's Book Signing

  Hey Everyone,

     Well it was a wonderful event, and good times were had by all.  Mario was a hit in our shop, as was Brian in Betsy Pash's lovely shop next door.

     Here are some photos to mark the event.

Mario and I 
 -he poses for a picture quite well!

The Amazing Brian McCarthy 
- his book is a must buy!!!!

Bob Scalamandre and Luis 
 -two of my favorite men

Our MBD staff poses for a X-Mas photo
Your truly, Cali, Meg, Amal & Luis

Our guy, hard at work!!
  The rubber hand blotter still freaks me out a bit.  
But I do not argue with genius.

The ever joyous Meg Braff!

That't it for today, but please come again - this Tuesday on the 17th of December we will be hosting the wonderful Alexa Hampton in our shop in Locust Valley for her book signing.  Should be another  amazing event.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Marvelous Mario and Brian McCarthy!!!

  Hey Everyone,

 This Saturday I will be attending a book signings for the Marvelous Mario Buatta  and Brian McCarthy at Meg Braff Designs, 92 Forest Avenue, Locust Valley,NY.  Mario is celebrating his brand new book Fifty Years of American Interior Decoration, and Brian is celebrating his newest book Luminous Interiors, The Houses of Brian McCarthy.  I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Buatta yesterday and it was a conversation I will never forget.  Not only the nicest man in the world, but totally unaffected by his unparalleled success.  The Prince of Chintz is truly a prince.  Funny, kind, handsome and an unbelievable talent.  Unfortunately I have not gotten the opportunity to speak with Mr McCarthy but I am certain he is a prince as well.  Here are their newest contributions to Interior Design, don't miss it!  

My Weekly Wonder is coming! Stay Tuned!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

La, La, La, Cornue!!!

  Hey Everyone,

       When I discovered my current home it had already undergone a major renovation.  In one breath, we were relieved - so much less to take on.  On the other hand, I would probably never get the kitchen of my dreams.  I love vintage appliances, and I love to see a star in every room.  La Cornue is definitely the star in any kitchen, and I am going to have to move again in order to have one.  La Cornue ranges come in various colors and configurations - I am waiting my turn with bated breath.

Here is a blip I took from the site to help us all understand the greatness that is La Cornue!

Founded in France in 1908, La Cornue is famous for its impeccably styled, high-performance kitchen stoves. The commitment to gastronomic perfection is the cornerstone of La Cornue ranges, and La Cornue of the 21st century stays true to this commitment while providing tools suited to the modern lifestyle. Gaining an appreciation of the tools you are cooking with and learning to use them to your benefit can transform your cooking experience.
 La Cornue - CornuFĂ© 1908, Navy $10,500
La Cornue - CornuFe Stove in Provence Blue $8,600
La Cornue - Albertine Ivory Stove $6,800

All of the La Cornue stoves are ready for quick shipping with white glove service.

Mega - Watt Metalics

  Hey Everyone,

     Metallics, bright and shiny - they always catch our eye.  Gold or Silver, in the appropriate setting they make a room.  They are considered neutrals and can be used in any room and easily mixed together making them so easy to work with.  Feel free to click on any image and you will be magically transported to the site!

Here are two great wallpapers that I am dying to use!

This is by far my favorite Meg Braff wallpaper.
 I know she has quite a few lovelies in her collection but this one has always just knocked my socks off!  This is not a great shot of it and it truly bears calling the Locust Valley store and getting a memo.  Truly Fabulous!!!

This lovely is by Phillip Jeffries  -The Lost City of Quartz -  I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Jeffries in our shop one day and he was such a gentleman.
 This product is a mica/quartz and looks amazing up on a wall.  
A fellow colleague of mine, Liz Cordiero of Long Island Style used it in a showhouse, while her room was georgous - the top question posed to her was 
"What is this wallcovering, and where can I get it"

Next 3 items can be found at Global Views

A collection of African Animals
 in shiny silver would look great on any bookshelf.

Sea Grape Leaf from,
 great for displaying on a table
 or will accomodate hanging on the wall.

These steel balls range from 3" to 6" in size.
This Trefoil Knot Sculpture is from Interlude Home and makes
 a interesting accessory on any  table.
The Tristan Pyramid Box is an exciting piece to display in your room.
 This is also offered at Interlude Home.

Gold Ribbons Glass Vases-Short to Tall
can be found at Global Views

Ashton Peony Companion by Shand Kydd - 
This metallic gold foil paper is adorned with pink peonies 
and would work wonders in a young teens sitting room, lasting 
until she came home from college.

This gold metallic papaer is by GP & J Baker - Eastern Pine Crayford.
Great accent for living rooms or dining rooms.

Here is my Weekly Wonder for week ending November 30, 2013!

These adorable place card holders are in keeping with my Metallic theme, 
are from Target
 and only cost $10.00 for a set of 2!!!!!
I am ordering a dozen sets right now!  Love, Love, Love Them!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Weekly Wonders

  Hey Everyone,

I had a sort of epiphany today, and have decided that on the bottom of each of my blog postings I am going to include my Weekly Wonder!  My Weekly Wonder will be one fabulous furnishing, light fixture, rug, article, etc, etc, that really Wow's me.  We all read tons of publications each month and I am sure at some point we stop and just say Hmmm, that is lovely - well I have decided that the next time I am awestruck I am going to share it with my bloggers. Being that this is my Pilot Weekly Wonder, I am giving it it's own page!  Lucky Dog!

So lets get this started!

This week, since we are about to kick off everyone's favorite holiday season lets start with the Fabulous Meg Braff who has been featured in the December issue of Southern Living.  Meg is giving us a look into her beautiful Newport home.  This color combination is one of my favorites, but for the holidays I think it shines brighter than any other.

This Scalamandre wallpaper has always been a big favorite of mine and I am sure you can see why.  To make her home more festive for the holidays Meg has swapped out her dining chairs for these lovely gold bamboo style ones and added red shades to the beaded chandelier.  Magnolia adorns the fireplace mantle along with red hurricane candle holders.  So Lovely!!  :)

Southern Living December 2013

Holiday Happenings

  Hi Everyone,

      Well it is that time of year again, the Holiday Season is upon us and we must all try to find the perfect gift for all of the lovely people that we are so fortunate to have in our lives.  For me the pressure is immeasurable.  In one moment I just want to get it done, and in the next moment I want every gift I buy to be the best idea I have ever had.  Here are some gift ideas that I think are really going to work in my home.

 These TOM'S slippers are going to be a HUGE hit with my husband.
 Warm, cozy, and good for walking our beloved dog Oscar.
Not to mention they are so reasonably priced
my husband will have to love them!
Priced at $54.99***7*******10282178*M120/subCatId/cat100046DM/showDefaultOption/true/productdetails
These Sperry Topsiders are a great gift for my boys at $52.00.

 Three years ago I was wracking my brains trying to find something special to
give my two boys for Christmas.  Something that they would truly be excited about.
 Today's teenagers don't get excited about much because they are all spoiled rotten. 
But this one was a big hit that quickly turned into an annual tradition.
 Yes, in case your wondering I go to the game as well.
  Not so reasonably priced, but it is an argument
 I have been winning for 3 years running.
$This one depends on where you want to sit.$

 These lovely items by Mark and Graham showed up on Oprah's top ten list of favorite
 things to give for the holidays.  I couldn't agree more!
 Plus, they are all reasonably priced, but you had better act fast,
the monogramming takes time.

 These beautiful Dogtag necklaces are also by Mark & Graham,
 and I think that they will make a lovely gift for your
 teenage daughter or niece.
$179 - $189

 Again, Mark & Graham -  sorry I love their items
 and their timeless style and quality can't be beat.
  This runs about $199.

Stationary is one of my favorite things to give and receive,
 so many choices and so personal. 
Everyone uses it and everyone appreciates receiving it!
$Priced Accordingly$

These are all from Fabulous Furs.
 I personally LOVE hats and wear them all the time!
 They are a great fashion statement!
These are all priced at $59.00

 Chinchilla Throw from Fabulous Furs $249.00

Champagne Mink Faux Fur Throw from Fabulous Furs $349.00
Mili Designs NYC jewel boxes $99.99
Nautica for men - Toggle cableknit cardigan $228.00
Soigne travel alarm clock by $295.00
A splurge with this Double Truss bracelet by at $1,395.00.
  If you have been extra nice this year!

Some other gifts I enjoy receiving that I did not picture here are pretty much anything from
Williams and Sonoma.  I am such a sucker for  their holiday mugs, plates and kitchenware.

  Barnes and Noble is another favorite of mine,  I love books on almost any subject and I know we live in the Ipad/Kindle era but there is still nothing better than holding a great book in my hands- smelling the ink and turning the pages. 
 Especially the great design books where you truly need to see the photos up close. I love it! 



Monday, November 4, 2013

My Reflection (Mirrors of Course!)

  Hi Everyone,

    Mirrors have become all the rage again, and they are far more than just a place to check your hair and make up.  The right mirror will open up a room, reflect more natural light when hung opposite a window or french door and of course add beauty to any space.  Not so say the right painting isn't a lovely addition to a fireplace mantle or above a console table, but a beautiful mirror will still serve a double purpose in the right application.

Take a look at the amazing ways they add exactly what is needed to these rooms.

 Aside from being an absolutely gorgeous mirror.
The use of a mirror above this chest of drawers enhances the entire space,
the reflection brings in the rest of the room and makes us all want to see more.

 This collection of starburst mirrors is a fun way to
decorate in this eclectic space.

 I simply love this application of mirrors!
 I have seen this done with wainscoating underneath and antique mirror above.
 It was love at first sight.

 Use of many mirrors in this shabby chic setting makes this space very cozy.
 "A Cup of Tea and a Book" should be the title of this photo.

I love the color and size of this mirror, plus the fact that it is our eyes to the
 entryway of this amazing home just makes me love it more.
 Our little shih tzu friends are an adorable plus!