Monday, July 29, 2013

Jamie Drake

  Hey Everyone,
         Had another busy and exciting week!  Went on a great first interview for a prospective job, wish me luck.  Very Exciting! Well, this post is going to be dedicated to a designer that I love to follow, had a brief meeting with him at our initial Ronald McDonald House brunch to launch the redesign.  It is none other than the fabulous Jamie Drake.  Jamie is amazing in my book, he is fearless with color and his book New American Glamour is amazing. He is wild with imagination, use of texture and diversity of style.  You can see how his style has progressed and changed over his career with plenty of text to guide you along his journey.

Lets take a look!
 Here is a rug Jamie designed for Roubini, he was in a way honoring the circular pattern of the onyx table top by creating the circular pattern on the rug.
 In this design I am taken back by the choice of artwork (Jasper John's "0 through 9") in contrast to the furnishing and lighting.  Yet it works!


Jamie claims he never had "Yellow Fever", looks "Pretty Hot Here"!!!
The "King of Color" 

Again the artwork is from a different time and place, color pallet is right on and he melds the two together perfectly!

This is a test of texture, mixing the high polish of the flooring and this fluted pedastal table.  The photo in New American Glamour shows even more contrast - It's worth the purchase!

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